About Us

We believe that the origin of our company’s name is pretty easy to discern and it explains clearly the goals and focus of our operation. The core of the firm we are running is represented by a team of very well trained, licensed and quite motivated professional carpet cleaners who are based and operating in the territory of Walton in London. We already have an established reputation among members of the local community and we are going to do whatever is necessary to keep up with the reputation, no matter what it costs us.

Clean HorizonsClean Horizons is an Walton based, locally owned and operating company. We focus our attention on Walton and the surrounding areas, instead of the whole Greater London. Limiting our scope of operation does not limit our company. Quite the contrary – it enables us to provide a better service to more people, and do that on a competitive price and a more flexible schedule. We care about you as our client, and you only. You will have our full attention around the clock, either face to face, or through our customer support telephone line and emails.

We are a full service cleaning company specializing in domestic sanitation solutions that live up to the highest quality standards of the industry. We use some of the most powerful steam cleaning equipment that is currently in use by the business. Thus we achieve very good results, no matter whether we are cleaning carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, upholstery or curtains. The best part is that thanks to the power of steam, which does not leave surfaces damp, our clients can enjoy the results of our work right away. We are a very environmentally conscious group of cleaners too – we do not like wasting water, and never do. Furthermore, when we need to use any detergent or other products, we make sure that they do not contain dangerous chemicals.

When we started out we were just a small local cleaning company. Our services cover the whole districts and bordering areas in their entirety. The number of people who go for our services rise in hundreds every few months, which is in our opinion the best sign we are doing something right. If that is not enough for you, the outstanding customer reviews that we constantly receive should add up to the overall impression. But of course, the best way to see that we are indeed the best in town is to give us a call next time you want your carpets, rugs, curtains or upholstered furniture professionally sanitized.

Having a team of pro cleaners from our company to look after your needs makes your life comfortable, easy and much healthier. When you add our very competitive prices, there is really no reason why you should not get in touch with us, so just do. It would be a pleasure for us to be provided with an opportunity to be working for you.